Businesses dealing with animals SALE
Registration number 106A008
Date of registration 21/08/2006
Expiration date 20/08/2011
Enrollee Hiroyuki Muramotohi
Person in charge Chihiro Muramoto
Address Postcode 921-8015 1-100Å@touriki kanazawa-City ishikawa-Prefecture
TEL 076-282-7355 (Hp)ÅF090-9763-2887
Necessary charges Carriage and vaccination fee
About payment It becomes the specified bank transfer or payment with cash.
About the eservation Please give 1/3 of the amounts of money of the presentation to a specified bank account in the transfer within one week after approving the reservation. Please pay the balance by seven days before it sends it when it hands over or it transports it. When all payment is completed, it becomes a pledge.
About the ancellation It is not admitted by the dog as long as a clear fault is not seen by the congenital disorder or me. I will not return the partial payment at a one-sided cancellation by the customer.
About returned goods and the exchange The living body is special. I will not do buying back & repayment & returned goods. After the delivery after the contract is concluded.
Å°When the puppy is handed over, the veterinarian healthily checks it.
Å°I will pass the medical certificate to the hoping person.
Å°I will exchange it for an equal puppy when the dog that contracts by some reasons dies before passing and there is a possibility of an inherited disease.