about us

I am Chihiro Muramoto, REDFIVE representative.


I met Corgi in 1993 for the first time.

It was every day that kept being enchanted to a gesture of lovely Corgi and a clever, friendly character.


I participated in the dog show in Japan in 1998.


I have kept chasing ideal Corgi.

Finally, Japan kept standing from a lot of children in the top in these 13 years.


However, I do not think that I have reached the ideal that I think of.


I thought that it was possible to let Corgi have his development and a lot of exchanges , and started the show in the United States.


If the desire to my Corgi is transmitted to everybody by the thing that children " Ran " " Tono " " Lily " whom I love meet everybody, it is glad.


Everybody who loves Corgi! Let's exchange it over the seas.